Story+LINES is an audience-generated multimedia exploration of identity, migration and community. Two years in the making, Story+LINES called on City-Heights residents to take part in the creative process and produce artworks that empower and speak true to their personal journeys; whether they span continents, state lines or city blocks. Story+LINES tries to shift the way art is perceived; it explores how the audience can become the artist, and how this process can affect an individuals sense of self and community. 

Story+LINES began with an all-day participatory event and exhibition by The AjA Project in May 2013 and featured multiple stations for audience-generated art. Drawing a crowd of 150, the event brought together people across diverse demographics and created opportunities for dialogue, expression and creativity. It also served as the catalyst for a year-long process of engaging the community through eight mobile workshops held throughout the city, where participants actively created artworks that reflect and express their personal journeys. 


Funded by The James Irvine Foundation, Story+LINES is a completely audience-generated exhibit created to turn audience into artist. Story+LINES invites both youth and adults to actively participate in the arts while reflecting on their identity and culture.
This video, shows a compilation of the stories that where collected throughout City Heights, showing the way our stories come together.
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